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Yr 3/4 Basketball Festival

Yr 3/4 Basketball Festival

15 Yr 3/4s attended a Basketball Festival at Cantell Secondary School on Wed 21st October. We were able to enter 3 teams in the competition. Pupils had to show off their basketball skills i.e. dribbling, passing and shooting. All the pupils did a fantastic job.


WE MANAGED to FINISH 5th, 2nd and ***1st***

1st Place Newlands C (Lillie-Mai, Shay, Sophie, George and Kornel)
2nd Place Newlands B (Luke, Lydia, Ryan, Machaela, Louie)
3rd Place Ludlow Junior
4th Place Blackfield A
5th Place Newlands A (Luke, Trinity, Dylan, River, Joe)
6th Place Bassett Green
7th Place Springhill B
8th Place Blackfield B
9th Place Springhill A
10th Place Springhill C