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Science link - Can you make a poster to explain your own life cycle? Can you use time adverbs to explain how you have grown up so far and how you will continue to change in the future?

Maths - Today children will need to select coins to make an amount of money. Look at Friday’s shop picture resource and either using real coins or pictures of coins’ children can choose different items to buy and give you the correct money. Challenge – give children 80p. How many different things can they buy from the shop with only 80p?


Using any resources you have at home, make a picture of the Gruffalo or the Gruffalo’s Child. Be as creative as you’d like and don’t forget to send us a photo!

Music - Click the picture to go to the Showcase music website

Story time!

Click on the link below to choose  a story to listen to from our 'Lockdown stories' collection.