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KS1 - Look at our amazing handiwork. We have decorated our classroom doors with our favourite books!

Visiting Storyteller - Pat Ryan

Visiting Storyteller - Pat Ryan 1
Visiting Storyteller - Pat Ryan 2
Visiting Storyteller - Pat Ryan 3
Visiting Storyteller - Pat Ryan 4
Visiting Storyteller - Pat Ryan 5
Visiting Storyteller - Pat Ryan 6
Visiting Storyteller - Pat Ryan 7
Visiting Storyteller - Pat Ryan 8
Visiting Storyteller - Pat Ryan 9
Visiting Storyteller - Pat Ryan 10

PAS 2018

PAS 2018 1
PAS 2018 2
PAS 2018 3
PAS 2018 4
PAS 2018 5
PAS 2018 6
PAS 2018 7
PAS 2018 8
PAS 2018 9
PAS 2018 10
PAS 2018 11
PAS 2018 12
PAS 2018 13
PAS 2018 14
PAS 2018 15
PAS 2018 16
PAS 2018 17
PAS 2018 18
PAS 2018 19
PAS 2018 20
PAS 2018 21
PAS 2018 22

Lunchtimes at Newlands

Eyes by Ellie-Mae

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PTA Christmas Fayre

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Sounds from the Stadium 1

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Sounds from the Stadium 2

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Reading Buddies - How many books are mentioned in the song ?

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Year 5 and Year 2 Reading Buddies. Try and count the number of books in the song.

The Marwell Zoo Grevy's Zebra Project and Newlands Art and Music

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Book Week - Our Classroom Doors

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Schools Energy Conference 2015

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A small group of ECO Committee members from Newlands attended the Schools Energy Conference and demonstrated how very knowledgeable they are on Environmental Issues. They all came back with more information to pass on to the rest of the school.

Mrs Jeffery's Pop Choir rehearsals

I am the Earth - Our ECO anthem

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This song has been adopted by us for our ECO anthem.

Bin-It-To-Win-It Awards 2015

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Children from Schools all over Southampton sent in their designs for a character to represent "Recycling in Southampton". There were prizes over various age groups and Newlands pupils scooped the honours in the Winner and Runner-Up 8-10 year old category. The design that won the overall competition was by Evie in Year 4. We will see her Monkey on Bin Lorries, recycling bins, posters and publications all across Southampton. The Council are still looking for a name for Evie's monkey so if you have an idea, let the office know and we let the Council know of your idea.

Frog Spawn in our Pond - Watch it change

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Key Stage 2 Nativity Dec 2014

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One of the songs baking photos of the KS2 children performing their nativity.

Drumming Concert