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'A Learning Journey' is an ethos we embed in all of our pupils here at Newlands Primary School. We know that in order to fulfil the potential of our pupils and encourage them to become confident and resilient learners we, as a team of parents and staff, need to be modelling the mindset of a learner who is not afraid of making mistakes but who thrives upon them, knowing that this is all part of the learning process. 


At Newlands, we consistently endeavour to challenge and develop the attitudes of all pupils and staff towards learning by considering what makes a successful learner. Our Learning Values address what kind of learners we want to be and what skills we need to positively approach challenges inside and outside the classroom. Each month we will focus on one of our learning values to develop the children's and parent's awareness of each one and what the value looks like in practice.


The school is buzzing with talk of perseverance, independence, creativity, reflection, teamwork, enquiry, pride and leadership in our learning!



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