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Match Report

Newlands vs Moorlands (1-1)

2 games back to back at Moorlands meant Newlands had no time to find their feet. The first game started slowly and an unfortunate handball by Aston in the box led to a penalty for Moorlands, which squeezed under the hand of our new goalkeeper Benji. Newlands battled hard and worked the ball around creating opportunities. The introduction of Josh at Half term gave the team more space up front which allowed for Dylan to unleash a shot from outside the box, it nestled nicely in the top corner. The game finished with both teams having opportunities, but no being able to find the back of the net.

Newlands vs Mount Pleasant (1-0)

The second game against Mount Pleasant showed our lack of fitness, the quick break between the games did nothing to rest the players. Playing uphill they struggled to pass or move as freely as they did in the previous game. Mount Pleasant had numerous chances to score and should have converted at least 1. Benji was superb in goal keeping all the shots out. In the second half we pressed the downhill advantage and this again led to Dylan being free to take a long distance shot which looped over the keeper and into the goal. It remained 1-0 with both teams looking tired and heavy legged.