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Thank you to all parents who took the time to fill in my on-line survey! 


This has enabled me to get started on offering parents what was asked for.


The first workshop running will be around Healthy Cooking on a budget.  Run by a local charity, this two hour workshop will give practical ideas on how to prepare healthy balanced meals.  The session will run in school, in the practical room on Tuesday the 16th May from 9.30-11.30.  There will be an opportunity to attend a longer course in the next academic year.  Please call the school office to book your place!


On Monday the 12th of June the school nurse will be visiting to run a session on Sleep.  If your child keeps you up at night or you are struggling to settle into a routine at bedtime, this could be for you!

The session starts at 2.5pm in the practical room. Please call the office to reserve your place!

What is the role of a family inclusion support officer?


My role is to provide direct support to parents and children.  I liaise with parents over queries, offering appropriate advice and support, sometimes just providing that listening ear!


I also offer parent drop ins, which is an opportunity to discuss any issues facing your family and perhaps signposting to external service that could help as well as parenting courses throughout the year.


I often work directly with children who are experiencing emotional or other difficulties with home or school life, including school attendance.


On this page you will find:


  • Updates on topics covered in coffee mornings

  • Useful information for parents

  • Links to support services in the local area


Coffee Mornings




Come and join Mrs Cook's weekly coffee mornings, every Thursday from 9.30am-10.30am.  It's a great opportunity to discuss any issues/parenting concerns you may have as well as meeting other parents over a cuppa!

Every 1/2 term we have a theme to the session, from healthy eating to child safety,  inviting in other visitors, such as the school nurse.

I look forward to seeing you there!



The Hardest Job in the World!


Parenting often feels like the hardest job in the world doesn't it? Oh how we wish that those lovely tiny babies came with a book on what to do! Almost as quickly as you've managed to get to grips with one phase another seems to appear!


Below is a list of websites that can offer much needed support or ideas when the challenges of parenting are upon you.

Family lives are a support charity aiming at providing help in all aspects of family life. They also provide a support helpline on 08088002222

Young minds are the voice for young people's mental health and wellbeing. The website has a section dedicated to parents.

Childnet is dedicated to keeping children safe online. The website gives helpful pointers for parents in how to tackle this ever growing concern.

Another great site to visit for help and guidance with online safety.