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Welcome to Year 4!

Mrs Ruston and Miss Keens welcome you to

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Keep checking this page to see what we have been getting up to in class. Also this page is really useful to see what homework you are currently working on.  


November 2018

Year 4 had a mummy-tastic day dressed up at Ancient Egyptians! The children all looked AMAZING in their outfits!!

Year 4 have been busy investigating sound in Science!

October 2018

Year 4 took part in an archaeological visit to Ancient Egypt!

September 2018

Year 4 Welcome Event 10th September 2018









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Look at what the children did last year in Year 4

Invaders and Settlers

For Summer 1, we are carrying on with our topic of Invaders and Settlers. We have been focusing on the Vikings.

Invaders and Settlers

For Spring 2, our topic is Invaders and Settlers. We have been focusing on the Anglo-Saxons.

Flamingos' Orange Mummification

Our Egyptian Day!

As part of our Egyptian Day, we took part in an activity which involved us mummifying an orange. We had to scoop out the inside of an orange, fill it with spices and salt and then cover it in bandages.

Flamingos Science - Making a compression wave.

Flamingos Science - Making a compression wave. 1
Flamingos Science - Making a compression wave. 2

Flamingos Science - How sound travels


This term, our Science topic is 'Sound'. We have been looking at how sound is made and how it travels.

We have carried out some experiments to see whether a sound can be heard at different parts of the playground.

Tomb Raiders

This term our topic is 'Tomb Raiders'. We are learning all about the Egyptians and how they lived. We are innovating our own portal tales and will be making our own pop-up non-fiction books.



Parrots enjoying PSHE!

Enjoying Science in Y4

Charlotte's Web

This term, we are learning about the book 'Charlotte's Web. We have looked at non-fiction texts about spiders and have innovated our own story opening based on the book.