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Welcome to your first year at Newlands Primary School!

We have 2 classes in Year R - Ladybirds with Miss McCollin and Butterflies with Miss Tucker & Mrs Rawlings.



Ladybird Class- New Year's Eve

Butterfly Class- Christmas Eve

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Longdown Farm

Year R had a busy day on their visit to Longdown Farm this week.  We had lots of jobs to do - feed the goats, collect the eggs, feed the pigs, look after the baby chicks.  We also had a very bumpy ride on a tractor!

Handa's Surprise!

Year R have been learning the story of Handa's Surprise.  We used a story map to help us re-tell the story in the correct order.  On Friday, visitors from the Story Tree came to help us act out the story.  We turned our bodies into the shape of the different fruits and animals in the book. We remembered lots of the story events and had great fun acting it out in the hall!

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A day out to Beaulieu Motor Museum!

Bears, Bears, Everywhere!

Teddy Bear Hospital

Children brought their poorly teddies to school today to visit the Teddy Bear Hospital!  We helped the doctors to check our teddies over and find out what the problem was.  We learned how to stay healthy by eating the right foods and brushing our teeth, and how to stay safe at home.  The doctors prescribed lots of fruit and vegetables, an early night and lots of cuddles to make our teddies feel better!  In the afternoon we enjoyed a teddy bear picnic in the woods to cheer our teddies up!

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The Ugly Bug Ball!

Year R had an Ugly Bug Ball to celebrate all our learning during our Minibeast project.  We all dressed up as bugs and wrote invitations to our friends and family.  We entertained our visitors with some bug songs then enjoyed a party!  The children have made some fantastic models of minibeasts - they are all displayed in the corridor.

Butterfly Release!

Today we set our beautiful butterflies free!  Some were a bit reluctant to leave us, but eventually they all flew away and explored the wild flowers next to the pond!

Beautiful Butterflies

Last week our caterpillars curled up into cocoons.  We put them into the butterfly garden and waited about 7 days.  Today our butterflies began to emerge from their cosy homes!  We now have 4 beautiful butterflies and are just waiting for one more to join them!

Very Hungry Caterpillars!


Year R have had some exciting visitors - five very hungry caterpillars!  We have been watching the caterpillars carefully to see how they change and recording our observations in our caterpillar diaries!  Come back soon to see some more pictures!

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Little feet - big steps !

Still image for this video

Transport Hunt

Year R walked around the school grounds looking for different types of transport and vehicles.  We spotted lots of cars, some bicycles, a minibus, two aeroplanes in the sky, a fire engine rushing past the fence and we even saw some cranes working in the docks.

Children learned new words to name features of the vehicles and will use this knowledge to help them build models and to label each part of their model.

Picture 1 Some of us found our initial in the number plates!
Picture 2 We noticed the different badges on each car.
Picture 3 We tried to guess who drives this car!
Picture 4 Cranes can be seen from our playground.

The 'Teddy Bear Hospital' came to visit Year R

Butterfly's and Ladybird's teddies have been feeling a little bit poorly.  Luckily the Teddy Bear Hospital came to help us!  Children helped the doctors to measure teddy's heartbeat and blood pressure.  They gave teddy a vaccination and checked his eyes.  With a prescription from the doctor for lots of hugs and kisses, the teddies were feeling better in no time!