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Do you enjoy a game?

Are you up for a challenge?


Then it is time for you to try the Newlands Whack-A-Mole Challenge


Whack-A-Mole stared in arcades as a game where mechanical model moles popped their heads out of their holes. The player had a large hammer and s/he had to bash them on the head and make them go back down again. It started slowly with an individual mole but as the game went on it got faster with more and more moles popping out all over the place.


Later on, software writers made it into a game to be played on consoles, particularly those with consoles that could sense movement like Wii. 


Scratch players have turned their hands (or is that keyboards) to this classic game. If you go on the Scratch website  you can search for 'whack-a mole' and find a wide assortment of variations of this game. Some have very simple coding and some are much simpler.


I have taken one of these games and changed or remixed it for you.You will find it here;

Start by simply playing the game and seeing how it works.

How quickly can you complete the game? time yourself.


Next, open it up and have a look at the coding. The dinosaurs all have the same code. They are just in different positions.


The score goes up by 1 every time you click on a sprite. The background has the coding for resetting the score and finishing the game when you get to 50.


So here is the challenge; you can remix this project and make it even better and more fun. There are some idea in the boxes below. Some ideas are easier, some, I think, are quite challenging.



These are just idea. You probably have some ideas of your own - go for it!


If you get stuck you can contact a friend or email me at

use the header 'Scratch help'



Once you have made a game that you are proud of, you can save it to your computer. Then you can send it by email to


I will make a gallery for you to see and play on some of the best projects.


If you decide to join the Scratch community you will need to create an account. Check with your parents or carers first and do not use your real name or post any personal  information so that others can see it.


Be considerate of others and do not make unpleasant references to any other pupil or member of the community.


I look forward to seeing what you make.