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Tigers and Leopards: Class of 2021 - 2022


Miss Chestnutt and Miss Keens welcome you to the Year 6 page where you will find lots of useful information throughout the year.


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Summer 2 2021 - I'm a Y6 Get Me Out Of Here!

Tigers loved having a real life investigation for Maths today! They had to work out the timings for a trip to the cinema and the cost!

We put our Y6's through their paces in a proper survival training day! We completed, boot camp, orienteering, forensic science and a water challenge! Our reward for survival was rounders and ice pops in the atternoon!

Summer 1 2021- Evolution

While learning about adaptations in Science, we looked at the adaptation of birds and their beaks (based on Darwin's study of finches). We looked at different types of beaks and predicted then tested which were more suited for different types of food!

Summer 1 2021: For our final IntoUniveristy session, we got a virtual tour of Southampton University and got to meet virtually some students who told us about their experiences of university!

Summer 1 2021: We had a virtual visit from ZooLab today as part of our IntoUniversity Week! We got to see lots of different animals and found out how they have adapted and evovled!

Summer 1 2021: As part of Deaf Awareness Week, Y6 have been learning how to sign their own names and took part in a competition to name the new school bear! We then got to sign to each other and try to work out the names we had chosen!

Summer 1 2021: We used our own photos to play Guess Who? in Science. We used this to think about characteristics within our own classes and what we have inherited and acquired!

Summer 1 2021: We have been learning "The Green Iguana" non-chronological report off by heart this week!

Summer 1 2021: Y6 found out all about Charles Darwin and his expedition to the Galapagos Islands today! He even invited us to explore for ourselves which we did. We found a vast array of different wildlife and vegetation and even did some sketches in our explorer journals. What a day!

Spring 2 2021- Brilliant Bodies

Spring 2 2021: The children completed an experiment today by creating their own digestive system and seeing what happens to weetabix and a banana when digested! Messy science at it's finest!

Spring 2 2021: We looked at the effect exercise has on our hearts today. The children took their resting heart rate and then again after exercise to see what happened!

Spring 2 2021: We role played some scenes from Holes today! Some aspiring actors in Y6!

Spring 2 2021: We did some hot seating in Reading today based on our class text Holes. We got into character as Stanley Yelnats, The Warden, Hector 'Zero' Zeroni and Mr Sir!

Autumn 2 2020- The Mayans

Autumn 2 2020: We found out all about Mayan society and sacrifices today and got to decide whether we thought they were brutal or not!

Autumn 2 2020: We enjoyed finding out about Mayan logograms today!

Autumn 2 2020: We have been exploring Electricity in Science this half term, the children even got to make their own circuits!

Autumn 2 2020: We loved getting to interrogate historical sources as part of our learning about the Mayans!

Autumn 2 2020: The children have enjoyed getting to retell the Mayan Folktale of The Chocolate Tree!

Autumn 2 2020: Year 6 loved having The Chocolate Tree performed to them by the teachers and getting to try real cacao and hot chocolate as our writing hook!

Autumn 1 2020-Marvellous Mexico 

Autumn 1 2020: Year 6 had great fun finding out all about Marvellous Mexico! We travelled there, researched all about it, learnt some Spanish, created self-portraits in the style of Frida Kahlo and even produced some persuasive writing!