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History at Newlands Primary School


The National Curriculum for history aims to ensure that all pupils know and understand history as a coherent, chronological narrative, from the earliest times to the present day, how people's lives have shaped this nation and how Britain has influenced and been influenced by the wider world. At Newlands Primary School, history has always been held in high regard and it is our intent that children will gain a coherent knowledge and understanding of Britain’s past and the wider world.


Through the teaching of history, we aim to inspire pupils’ curiosity, develop their questioning and enable them to think critically. Our history lessons across the school focus on developing historical skills and provide opportunities to enhance, overlearn and commit to long term memory. This is achieved by providing an enriched, broad and balanced curriculum that gives children pre skills and the opportunity to overlearn. Linking other subjects are vital to the journey that history takes at Newlands and the opportunity to embed and enhance learning for all are carefully planned and structured to ensure that children are able to make links with current learning.


Newlands makes full use of resources within the immediate and wider local area, enabling children to develop a deep understanding of the rich history of their locality, while partaking in real life experiences in an active and creative way.



Across the school, key words and language are pre taught, displayed, and accessed regularly by the children. Through our teaching and the use of historical artefacts, theatres and visits, we excite and intrigue our children to find out more about events and people from the past.



At Newlands, we want the children to have thoroughly enjoyed learning about history, therefore encouraging them to undertake new life experiences now and in the future. Our curriculum will ensure that:

  •  Pupils are confident and able to talk about what they have learnt in history using subject specific vocabulary.
  • Pupil voice also demonstrates that pupils enjoy history and are able to recall their learning over time and the journey that they have taken. 
  • Pupils work demonstrates that history is taught at an age appropriate standard across each year group with opportunities planned in for pupils working at greater depth.
  • Work is of good quality and demonstrates pupils are acquiring knowledge, skills and vocabulary in an appropriate sequence.
  • Children enjoy History lessons and look forward to finding out more.
  • Children are encouraged to research independently to further their own enjoyment and fascination about history and evidence of work shows a range of topics covered, cross-curricular links and differentiated work.
  • Standards in History will be high and will match standards in other subjects.