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 Welcome to Year 1  


Welcome to Angelfish and Starfish classes!

Miss Sabine (Starfish), Mrs Young & Ms Pitts (Angelfish) will keep you up to date with Year 1 learning on this page. Please click on the stars below.

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Spring Term 2024 

The Gingerbread Man

Year 1 baked gingerbread men after learning the fairy tale.  They will use their experiences to write some instructions!

A Winter Walk

Year 1 went outside on a frosty day to investigate the signs of winter in the school grounds.  We had great fun scraping ice off objects and making footprints in the frosty grass!  We noticed the trees were all bare now the Autumn leaves have fallen off.  We are looking forward to seeing some signs of Spring soon!


Autumn Term 2023

Autumn walk

Year 1 have been looking closely at the change between Summer and Autumn. On our walk around school, we noticed that the leaves had changed colours. We noticed that more and more leaves were falling of the trees leaving them looking bare.


This term in Year 1 children will be learning about Toys throughout History.  We have started by looking at children's own toys from home to see what the features of new and modern toys are.  Can you see your toy in our gallery below?

Angelfish Toys!

Starfish Toys!



Year 1 have been reading Supertato by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet.  One morning the children discovered somebody had trapped all their Harvest vegetables!  Children wrote their ideas about who had done this and what they were going to do to help.


In Art, Year 1 have been exploring dots and circles.  We used potatoes to explore printing circles and mixing colours.