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U11 Football Team

U11 Football 7-a-side League

Thursday 22nd September

Team: Ted, Massud, Harley, Tommy, Mason, Dylan, Sonny, Tommee and Harry

Newlands 1-0 Portswood (Ted)

Newlands 2-1 Shirley Warren (Tommee, Massud)

Newlands 1-2 Highfield (Harley)


Finally COMPETITIONS, all the players were so excited to pull on the shirt and represent Newlands. The games were 15 mins long. Each player worked hard and battled for everything on the pitch. I couldn't fault their commitment and passion. Some excellent passing and movement led to some great goals and some hard work meant we only conceded 3 goals over 3 games. WELL DONE TEAM NEWLANDS

U11 Football 7-a-side League

Thursday 29th September

Team: Ted, Rylan, Harley, Tommy, Dylan, Sonny, Tommee, Alice and Colby

Newlands 2-2 St Marks (Ted x 2)

Newlands 1-1 Foundry lane (Tommee G)

Newlands 1-0 Portswood (Ted)


The 2nd week of our U11 Football league. A week of near misses, after going 2-0 up against a strong Strong Marks team (both from Ted), we were caught watching the ball and they quickly scored 2 to level it up. Again in our second game we went 1-0 up and it could have been more, if not for some great saves from their goalkeeper. Again though we tired and they equalized just before the final whistle.

In the final game of the day and a rematch against Portswood, the 2 teams were evenly matched with some end to end play, some great passes and tackles. A free kick near the end gave Ted a chance to shoot at goal and he curled a left shot goal wards, it took a deflection and a bounce and nestled nicely in the back of the net. Meaning Newlands were undefeated through 3 games.

Great performances from all the players including the new year 5s Alice and Colby.

U11 Football 7-a-side League

Thursday 6th October

Team: Ted, Massud, Tommy, Dylan, Sonny, Tommee, Soofian, Oliver  and Colby

Newlands 1-0 Shirley Warren

Newlands 2-0 St Marks 

Newlands 0-1 Highfield

U11 Football 7-a-side League

Thursday 13th October

Team: Ted, Massud, Dylan, Sonny, Tommee, Alice, Oliver, Harry, Soofian and Colby

Newlands 2-0 Foundry Lane