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PE and Sport at Newlands

Newlands Primary School becomes a REAL Legacy School. 



We have some very exciting news to share with you. Newlands Primary School is proud to announce that we are now a real legacy school and one of the first in Hampshire.


real legacy allows us to bring the school, home and the community together to enable cultural change. Our journey commenced with real gym and real PE teacher training to support our PE provision to develop the whole child and will extend across the school to include supporting families and the wider school community. 


The school will be supported with teacher training, school-based support, fun real play activities for families, enrichment and competitive opportunities and supporting resources from Create Development all through a holistic approach to develop children's physical, personal, social and emotional skills.


Not only are we on a mission to get our children more active by developing the fundamental physical skills that are so often overlooked, our PE lessons are centred around the child to enable them to be successful in the classroom and in later life.


We look forward to keeping you up to date with our journey to create a new ambition for EVERY child. 

At Newlands Primary School we strive to offer an enriching sporting experience through our Physical Education (PE) curriculum and extensive After School Provision.

"the physical education leader ensures that additional sports funding is used very effectively. specialist training for teachers has widened the range of sports and links with expressive arts, such as dance, dram and music available for the pupils. This has improved teaching and pupils' skills and fitness and brought a three-fold increase in the number of pupils attending sports clubs and more success in competitions"




black/navy shorts, tracksuit trousers or leggings

White polo/T-shirt

Trainers or Plimsolls

COLD WEATHER: woolly hat and gloves, water proof coat

WARM WEATEHR: Sunglasses, hat

We have been awarded the Sainsbsurys GOLD School Games Award for the FOURTH Year

Pupils are given opportunities to learn fundamental movement skills in the Early Years Foundation Stage, this is then continued in Lower Key stage 1. As pupils move through KS1 opportunities are provided to develop and apply skills during modified games.


During KS2, pupils will begin to perfect more complex movements and skills. Opportunities to apply these during game situations and performance related tasks will support the pupils learning and help them to develop the skills required to live a healthy active lifestyle.


Pupils will experience various activities and sports whilst at Newlands;

Yr R: Fundamental skills, agility, balance, coordination, balls skills, throwing, rolling and catching

Yr 1: Fundamental skills, Dance, Gymnastics, Athletics, balls skills, throwing, rolling and catching

Yr 2: Fundamental skills, Dance, Gymnastics, Athletics, balls skills, throwing, rolling and catching

Yr 3: Dance, Gymnastics, Athletics, Basketball, Rounders, Hockey and OAA

Yr 4: Dance, Gymnastics, Athletics, Hockey, Badminton, OAA, Kwik Cricket, Tennis, and Tag Rugby

Yr 5: Swimming, Dance, Athletics, Tag Rugby, Kwik Cricket, Tennis, Badminton and OAA

Yr 6: Sports education, Athletics, Team Skills, Rounders, Tennis and Leadership opportunities


The After School Provision offers a range of sporting activities ranging from fun coaching sessions and skills based clubs to intra and inter competition and performance events.

Please Click on the link below to view our After School Club Programme: