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Zebras and Giraffes

Mrs Day and Miss Chestnutt welcome you to this page where they will put useful information throughout the year.





Giraffes - Coal Mine Role Play

Parent Event - 'The Highway Man'

September 2018

Year 5 learned so much! As well as visiting the Planetarium, they tested materials with heat lamps to see if they would be suitable to build a spaceship, and they even learned how lazer beams can be manipulated! We now have so much to take back into the classroom to help our Science and Learning Challenge!

Welcome Parent Event!







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Look what the children in Year 5 did last year.

Year 5 Summer 1 Parent Event - The Industrial Revolution

Giraffes enjoyed their trip to IntoUniversity and learnt more about Natural Disasters!

Year 5's Highwayman Parent Event

Breaking News - Local Journalist Vists Year 5!

Zebra Class 'Wowed' their parents with their fantastic presentations that showed all the wonderful learning they have achieved this half term. Well done!


A big thank you to all parents/carers that were able to come to the event.

Zebras Parent Event - Mythical Madness!

Year 5 had a "wheely" good time at their parent event this week!

Year 5 had a "blast" at Winchester Science Museum!