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Hope School, Amman, Jordan

Last year, our Global Ambassadors organised a fund raising event and sent the proceeds to Hope School in Jordan.

Jordan is a country in the Middle East that has welcomed millions of refugees from its neighbouring countries over the past few decades. The recent war in Syria has led to 600,000 people having to leave and move to Jordan.


Hope School supports about 75 children who have had to flee to Jordan.


I was lucky enough to visit Hope School as I was visiting Amman in the Easter holidays. I met some of the children and was able to tell them about Newlands School and how our pupils had been finding out about their school.


I was very impressed with the work that Hope School is doing and how smiling and welcoming the staff and pupils were.


We will continue to have links with Hope School this year and our  Global Ambassadors will be looking at ways that this could be developed.


Stephen West