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Key Stage 2 Sports Day

The rain stayed away and we had a fantastic day of family fun and sports. The children spent the morning doing a circuit of field events, throwing and jumping. They worked in house teams and all the children were all engaged in the activities.

After a family picnic lunch, the afternoon continued with running races for the four years. We witnessed some very close finishes and ather races where the winner made it all look effortless.

In the end the day's result was

Joint 3rd Audacia 1 and Virtus 2

2nd Sophia 1

Joint 1st Celeritas 2 and Sophia 2


On Monday KS1 have their sports day and the results of this will be added to today's scores.


Many thanks to Mr Harris and Mr Butterworth for superb organisation and delivery of such a fun day.

Also thanks to all the parents who turned out to support the children.