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Olympic GB Athlete INSPIRES Newlands!

'We all have choices'

Newlands were privileged to have a guest speaker at school on Friday 17th November: Aaron Phipps - a member of the London 2012 GB Rugby Wheel chair team. He delivered some fantastic assemblies and workshops for the whole school. Aaron's drive to achieve and persevere in the face of physical obstacles was inspiring not only for the pupils of Newlands, but also for the Staff.  


Aaron held an assembly for Yrs 1,2,3 and 4 during which he explained his unfortunate fight with Meningitis and consequently the lose of his legs and fingertips. Aaron then showed us how this set back made him re-evaluate his life and decide 'We all have choices' sit down and cry or get up and battle on.


Aaron shared with us his journey from 10k races, to marathons, to being invited to try wheel chair rugby, to being selected for the GB Paralympian Team in London and finally climbing/crawling up Mt. Kilimanjaro unaided (when his wheelchair was unable to cope with the rough terrain!)


What a fantastic day and an incredibly inspirational speaker!

To find out more about Aaron Phipps go to: