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Secondary School Transition Days

Secondary School Transition Days

Following the latest Government and Public Health advice, and after consultation with all the Headteachers of Secondary schools in Southampton, as well as representatives of the Primaries, there is a shared agreement that in order to avoid the risk of spreading the latest variant of the COVID virus between schools, the traditional transition days that have been organised will not now take place.


Some Secondary schools will be inviting small groups to visit them, but all the activities will take place outside where social distancing and good ventilation will minimise any risk. Other schools will be running virtual sessions or making visits to the Primary schools. However, there will be induction days organised in September to help your son/daughter get to know their new school and meet their tutors and key members of staff.


The decision by the Headteachers is endorsed by the Local Authority and Public Health colleagues and is a consistent approach across all the secondary schools in Southampton.


Derek Wiles, Service Lead for Education & Early Years