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Waste Week

Dear parents/guardians,

As part of ECO schools, Newlands is taking part in ‘Waste Week’. This is a week where we think about how much we waste and what we waste. To help promote this, we are going to hold a competition across the school to create a collage with plastic bottle tops next week (17th March – 21st March).

Did you know that recycling saves energy, it takes 75% less energy to make a plastic bottle from recycled plastic compared to using new materials?

To help encourage children to reuse and recycle, we are asking you to not throw away your plastic bottle tops for a week and to bring into school where the children will be creating a collage that will be judged by the ECO team next Friday!

Recycling is an important action for Newlands and hopefully, together we can make Newlands a greener place.


Many Thanks


Miss Smith

Eco – leader